Elvis Einstein

We recently chatted to the legendary Elvis Einstein.

What’s the history of Elvis Einstein?

 I first came into existence on the seventy fifth layer of the Abyss, but somewhere around twenty years ago, I escaped that realm of shadow into this dimension, and attached myself to a young human by the name of Randy. I was drawn to his feelings of anger and outrage, and we have had a symbiotic relationship ever since

What genre of music do you consider Elvis Einstein to be?

Most would consider my particular brand of musical expression as somewhere between Gothic Rock, and Industrial… But I am sure there are people who know their sub-genres better than I… There are hundreds these days after all… and quite frankly, I care very little as to which one I exactly fit into… Let others with more of an interest debate that…

What’s the inspiration behind your work?

I tend to have a darker perception of the world around me, not to be confused with a negative perception. I take great interest in the more overwhelming emotions that people have, such as anger, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, and feelings of loss, and I try to create something beautiful out of it. I guess my inspiration could be considered to be the human experience, or at least several parts of it…

So who would you say is your greatest musical influence and why?

It would be impossible for me to choose only one. Vocally, it would be the previously mentioned “Alice Cooper”, though I think that most people who have heard my music have already figured that one out. The second would be “Marilyn Manson”. Antichrist Superstar in particular, was the first album I had ever listened to that had such a huge impact on how I identified with the world around me, it has definitely left an impact on my writing style of music.

Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

I feel it… I write it…. I record it….

What do you see as a musician’s role in society?

I generally don’t except the idea that any musician or artist should play any particular role in society. Each of us plays a different role regardless of whether or not we are musicians, artist, actors, athletes, politicians, ect…. To me, that is more a question for the individual, as opposed to a group of people. The world is full of protagonist, and antagonist, great role models, and poor role models, a musician could be any of these things and more. 

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

I would love to see a focus on creativity and originality again. In past decades the music industry was all about finding the next big trend setting musicians, the artists who were actually changing the whole scene. Now it seems they just focus on how much repetitive, recycled, garbage they can shovel down the throats of the mindless masses. It’s like the music industry has severely lost any passion it may have ever had for bringing people a quality product that’s new and refreshing.

Objectify me

-Could you give us the influences behind ‘Future Neverwas’?

 I have had a rough year; it was full of many trials, and much uncertainty. I don’t want to get into too many specifics, it is easiest for me to just say, that it was an album born out of Adversity, and the desire to not succumb to it… “Future Neverwas” Chronicles the year in which it was written, both directly, and indirectly… some songs directly relatable to my life during said year, others simply things I had put a lot of thought into, but each song was incredibly valuable to me.

-How does the sound of ‘Future Neverwas’ differ from your previous work?

This album is a lot more polished than any of my previous releases, better mixing, and better overall sound quality. My earlier albums had a sort of raw and gritty sound, whilst this album is much clearer and brighter. Also I feel that as a song writer and musician, this album is by far my best work to date.

-And the sound, is it genre changing, genre creating or is it something new -yet familiar?

I would say that it’s more like genre changing or blending. One of the reasons I have such a hard time even telling people what genre I am, is because certain songs contain different elements of certain genres. Take “Technology Disease”, for example, straight up electronic music, no guitars, but with a very Industrial feel. Then compare it to “Everything Looks Alive”, a straight up Gothic Rock song. Many of my songs also employ elements of both of these genres, and more. If you listen carefully you may even here elements of hip-hop, pop, metal, and funk… It’s like a beautiful, dark, hot mess of music.

How would you define ‘Future Neverwas?

“Future Neverwas” is a journey through the Abyss, with Elvis Einstein as your personal guide.

Future Plans?

I hope to one day make a much bigger impact than I have, and as I have mentioned previously, to get into a producing role, writing music for songwriters and vocalist, people who have a real voice or message, but not the means to create a musical release of their own.

Any last words?

Yes of course, to everyone who reads this, or found this interview interesting, please go and check out some of my work, especially my latest album “Future Neverwas”… I am pretty sure that if you don’t, the universe in its totality will come to an end…. Do you want to be responsible for the end of existence?… I know I wouldn’t..

You can find “Future Neverwas” here!

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