Empire State Human: Romo (Album Review)


I do enjoy the quiet side of life on occasion. Case in point, I was recently sent a wonderful little synth-pop album that is, I must say, easy on the mind, body and soul.

This is Empire State Human with the amazing “Romo“.

The songs on this 10 track album, though mellow and moving for the most part, still have the ability to pound at your soul on numerous levels.

  • I Kick Ask
  • Into Grey
  • Night Boy
  • Automation
  • The Invisible
  • Future Sex
  • Dust On Dust
  • My Darkest Hours
  • Nomophobia
  • Walking With Bowie

The songs on this album are definitely for those that like emotions other than anger. Songs such as “Into Grey” and “Automation” are wonderfully unique and gorgeously produced. There is a tenderness here that is more powerful than a legion of black-metal guitarists. It’s moving. And then there is “Walking With Bowie” it is, I must say, one of the most moving works I have ever heard in my life. It’s more than glorious. More than entertaining. It is seamless splendour made of sound.

This is a Synthpop album. An album influenced by outsiders, night people and Sci-Fi. There’s futuristic strain running through it and I was conscious of keeping it flow a certain way, to layer out the sound in terms of dynamics, in a cohesive way. It’s the 21st Empire State Human release since our debut album ‘Pop Robot’ in 2002. So it’s with a great sense of achievement, we see it released on CD and Digital with ScentAir Records.” -Aidan.

Bottom line, “Romo” is brilliant album that is made for those that enjoy the deeper meaning of soft music.

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