EPHYRA: Along The Path


Within seconds your mind and soul are filled with images of ancient high-seas adventures. The waves of moshing exploration crash against the hull of the ship bringing with them the possibilities of eternal glory and continued escapades.

This is ‘Along The Path‘ by the¬†alabandical Ephyra.

The songs on this powerful, 11 track, album are the stuff sagas are made of -it all harkens back to the days of ocean going raiders, sea monsters, mystical lands and axe wielding madmen. Songs like ‘All At Once’ and ‘Hope’ are the sort of songs you’d expect to hear in the halls of Valhalla -the haunting words of Valkyries echoing across ancient blood soaked battlefields.

Overall, ‘Along The Path’ is a brilliant album for anyone that likes their opera burning and their melodies aggressive.

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