Esprit D’Air (Tour Interview)

Today we chat to our old friends Esprit D’Air.

Let’s start with this: How has Esprit D’Air been doing since we last spoke?

Kai: Since we last spoke in November 2016, we released three singles and a full-length album, Constellations. So, I guess we have been doing a lot! It has been a busy year, just constantly recording every month and playing quite a few shows but the end result has been worth it. We managed to get played on Kerrang! Radio, Total Rock and had TeamRock premiere our video and album release.

How has your new album Constellations been doing?

Kai: It was the first time we saw our music in real stores like HMV and Best Buy. We were so excited visiting the shops and seeing our work on the shelves. The album sales have been going well and I am really happy with how the release went.

How has the inspiration, sound and style changed since we last spoke so many ages ago?

Kai: Our sound and strict DIY ethos has not changed, but I think as we are working on more and more music, our sound is going to evolve and improve over time, so I am really looking forward to all the new sounds and styles we are going to create.

So you’ve been doing a lot of live shows lately, most notably with The Birthday Massacre. How did it come about?

Kai: Before we last spoke, I actually went on tour with The Birthday Massacre in another band called Stereo Juggernaut. Unfortunately they couldn’t do it this time round, so the idea opened for Esprit D’Air to support them for their London show. The organisers were happy to put us on for the show next month and I am really grateful.

How does it feel to play with such a great band?

Kai: It feels incredible. I really do love them and their new album Under Your Spell. Although our sound is completely different, I think there is a crossover that fans of both bands can enjoy.

Anyone else you’ll be playing with soon?

Kai: Not currently. We will have a headline tour across the UK in February to celebrate the release of our new album, so that will keep us busy. I am really open to the idea of playing with more bands that I truly love. Maybe an idea for 2018.

Do I smell album collaborations?

Kai: How did you know?! We are currently working with some other artists overseas, some of my friends from Japan and one in France. We have never done collaborations before so this will be interesting. We are already working on our second album, hopefully to land in 2018.

So what can you tell us about your set-list for your performances? (Are you mixing it up? Keeping it simple? Going all out?)

Kai: For The Birthday Massacre show, we are going to play more of our industrial-sounding songs like Grudge and Ignition but we will of course play a lot of songs from Constellations. For our headline tour, we will be playing a full-throttle set performing every song from the album plus all our old songs, and maybe even introduce some of our new songs we are currently working on.

When is your next performance?

Kai: 24th October 2017 with The Birthday Massacre at O2 Academy Islington, London. We are also touring in the U.K. between 5-11 February 2018, where we will be doing one-hour sets.

Any chance of an international tour?

Kai: That is in the works and something we are planning in the future.

Any last words for our readers?

Kai: Great to speak to all again and thank you for reading!

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