If you’re here, you probably have some questions about the site… or maybe you were looking for Ferrets Arranging Quills…

Let’s assume you had questions…

I hope the following FAQ will help answer the questions you have about the site, but if not you could always stop by our Facebook page (facebook.com/925Rebellion) and give us a shout…

1. Why is the site down?

Chances are we have hit our bandwidth limit or there is a back-end issue, the reason for the site being down and the estimated time until it goes back up will be relayed via our Twitter account. So if the going-ons of the site are of great concern to you, make sure you follow our Twitter account.

2. Why hasn’t there been a post for a while?

I’m glad you can’t live without your fix of 925|Rebellion, but unfortunately there will be times when the site is quiet.

This is because most of 925’s writers have full time jobs, and therefore writing posts for you is sometimes hindered by looming deadlines and the need to pay bills. And sometimes it’s because there is something major in the pipeline and all our efforts are going towards bringing it to you as soon as possible (remember when we went quiet and then launched 925|Gear? Well just like that!)

For updates; reasons for post delays; and other site news, be sure to follow us on Twitter. (I promise that’s the last time I’ll say that)

3. What is 925|Rebellion about?

925|Rebellion is an Internet culture magazine site, dedicated to entertaining you with news; reviews; and other cool stuff about games; comics; zombies; and tech. For a more detailed description be sure to check out the ABOUTpage.

4. I love your Gear, but how do I get it?

Unfortunately we don’t sell directly from the site anymore [long story], so if you want to get your hands on our Gear, head on over to one of the Anime Worx stores, or to their online shop.

5. There is a story I want you to post about, how do I get this done?

Facebook people, message us on Facebook!

6. I fancy myself as a writer and I think 925|Rebellion’s tone fits my style perfectly, who do I speak to about joining the Rebellion?

Once again, simply drop us a line on FB and we will happily guide you on your path to becoming a thorn in the side of the empire…

7. Who do I talk to about link sharing/advertising/sponsorship/commissioning content?


8. I have a question that isn’t covered by this amazing and super well written FAQ, who do I ask?


9. I have found a post with a problem in it, what do I do?

We have changed themes so many times that there are bound to be issues with the older posts, and we’re too fucking lazy to go back and fix them all. If you do find a post or video or whatever with a major issue that prevents you from enjoying the content, then send us the link and we’ll sort it out for you.

Let’s just say when in doubt, give us a shout… on Facebook 😛