Fire From The Gods: Narrative Retold (Album Review)


Once again the office is on fire. This seems to be a weekly occurrence. This time however, the madness is not caused by my inability to consume alcohol and use firelighters at the same time, but instead, it’s caused by the power of music.

This is the amazing Fire From The Gods with their latest offering to the gods of chaos, “Narrative Retold“.

The songs on this 13 track album come hurtling at the universe from the deepest part of Purgatory. It’s chaos and insanity made flesh. It’s disorder and control united. It’s pure bloody metal.

  • The Voiceless
  • The Taste
  • Public Enemy
  • End Transmission
  • Excuse Me
  • Composition
  • Evolve
  • Pretenders
  • Diversion
  • In Spite Of Doubt
  • Lifeline
  • Into The Blue
  • Excuse Me (Acoustic)

Songs such as ‘Public Enemy‘ and ‘The Taste‘ pound at your mind, body and soul while simultaneously setting fire to mighty edifices. Mind you,almost every song on the album is a backside kicker; and yet, the album does not grow stale. In fact, it gets better with each finger of the guitar.

Bottom line, “Narrative Retold” is another powerful album worthy of any Metal collection.

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