Fry Up Inspector

Today we speak to Britain’s greatest Fry Up Inspector.

Why fry ups?
Most people enjoy a fry up and the quality can vary depending on where you go. On a daily basis I don’t usually eat breakfast but always have a fry up at the weekend, it seemed like a good opportunity to write about each place I had visited. The best way to do this was to remain anonymous to ensure I was served the same breakfast as everyone else when I visited a cafe.

Fry Up Inspector breakfast, Pandora's Kitchen

What lured you into the fry up review business?
I started the “Fry Up Inspector” blog after loads of people had commented on some fry up photos I had put on my personal Facebook page. It seemed to generate a lot of conversation and different opinions, so I decided to search for the ultimate fry up. I had noticed that other websites reviewing breakfasts lacked crucial information like opening times, vegetarian options and sometimes even the address of the cafe they were reviewing. I wanted to review the entire breakfast experience –¬†looking at service, presentation, value for money etc.

Street Cafe, Norwich

How long have you been reviewing fry ups?
I started in 2010 –¬†since then I have reviewed approximately one breakfast a week covering most of Norwich and also visiting places in Cambridge, Northampton, London and anywhere in the country I get the opportunity to eat breakfast.

What’s the best fry up you’ve had?
My favourite is the full house breakfast served at House Cafe in Norwich. Excellent every time, really delicious and so big it keeps you going till the evening. It is served with chef Jamie’s toasted homemade ciabatta and plenty of real butter. The breakfast arrives piping hot, cooked to perfection and looks incredible every time. I have also eaten many other amazing fry ups, the places serving these can be found on the recommended section of my blog.

And the worst?
My worst breakfast experience had to be at Bowthorpe shopping in Norwich, they have closed down since my visit but it was very grim indeed! Read about it here.

What makes the best fry up?
Good quality sausages and bacon, nicely fried eggs with runny yolks, crispy fried bread that isn’t dripping in oil, flavoursome tomatoes, lightly fried mushrooms and beans in a nicely reduced sauce. It’s always a bonus when there’s black pudding, bubble & squeak and buttered toast too.

Does a fry up have to be British or is it an International food?
My favourite breakfasts have been traditional fry ups in England but I have had some amazing breakfasts on my travels abroad as well. If I am visiting another country I now tend to write about the local food I have experienced there, my latest trip was to Japan.

What’s the best city to get a fry up in?
Norwich for sure, there are so many excellent places to eat breakfast and standards are high. I have also found some great breakfasts and classic cafes in London. I look forward to eventually visiting over cities in the UK to see how their breakfasts compare.

House Cafe, Norwich

Final words?
There is now a “Fry Up Inspector breakfast” available on the menu at Pandora’s Kitchen in Norwich, it’s based on my ideal breakfast and was created by chef Jeff Taylor with some input by me. Back in 2011 I made it onto the BBC news I was also interviewed by the BBC back in August, blog hits reached 269000 in that month, I never realised just how much publicity I would get from that interview. I recently had a hand drawn map illustrated by Ella Goodwin, she also created the Fry Up Inspector logo. The map is available as a PDF and lists all the recommended places to eat breakfast in Norwich, I hope to eventually have a map created for London too.


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