G.L.O.W. – Emotions (Album Review)


Many of you will think that today’s review will be biased as we are friends with the audio-dream spinner. And you know what? You are correct.

This is G.L.O.W. with his first record-label produced album “Emotions“.

Firstly I’d like to congratulate Mr. G.L.O.W for being signed up by the brilliant Dark A.C.E Records. Secondly, I’d like to simply say: “Well done, Richard! Nice to see your work getting a professional release.” (Wookiee, do you think if we keep this up he’ll buy us lunch? -Shadow).

Right, so let’s get on with this review. The songs on this 10 track album, as you can no doubt expect, are, as is G.L.O.W.’s style, a veritable banquet of hard EBM/Industrial sounds, styles and lyrics.

  • Red
  • Dearest Darling
  • Rumour
  • Anger
  • Resent
  • Pain Body
  • Plastic
  • Perpetuation
  • Find A Way Out
  • Levitate

Now though I find every song to be enjoyable I must admit that my favourite two songs are the ones in this article. “Rumour” is a powerful song that both hits you in under the belt and smacks you inside the head. “Levitate” on the other hand is a  damn good clubbing song that is packed to bursting with powerful drumming, thumping and driving sounds that take you on a journey of epic exploration.

Once again, this is G.L.O.W. with the amazing “Emotions”. Get it. It’s a bloody good album.

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