G.L.O.W (for Film and TV.)


Today we have a second interview with G.L.O.W.
“A second one?” you might ask.
Yes, a second. For today we talk to G.L.O.W about their work on TV and film.

What’s the story behind G.L.O.W for film and TV?

G.L.O.W has taken on another challenge by having its tracks used as instrumentals for film and TV with a UK-based sound library called Resourcesound . The movie genres which they are primarily used for are horror, thriller, action and science-fiction films, as well as for crime and mystery documentaries. G.L.O.W was signed to a 5 year exclusive contract.

Where have your tracks been used?

It’s still early days for G.L.O.W’s soundtracks but, horror film makers are starting to take an interest.

How would you define your work?

I would define my music as dark, experimental, Industrial, eccentric and original – as it doesn’t stick to one kind of music genre and not all the synths used are the same in each track.

Could you briefly describe the music-making process for film and TV specifically?

Patience is required as I need to make a track which is unique. I need to picture a film which then would serve as a guide to creating the track. For example, the locally produced film Pinky Pinky, helped inspire me to create the track “Pinky Pinky”.

How has your music evolved?

My music is not only set on one thing such as being an E.B.M. artist. It’s now branched into soundtrack-use for film and TV.

Have you produced music for film or TV?

My music is fired-up and ready to be used in film but, it’s still taking time. I’m networking with people in the film industry in Cape Town especially for that purpose. I have however produced a few examples with existing films and documentaries and have managed to create a more effective atmosphere for each video.

Do you have advice for others interested in joining your field?

I advise those interested in joining my field to never give up their passion in music – even if this means it has to become something you do on the side. If you keep going, and you believe in it, you will see the light sooner or later.

What are your future plans?

I’m planning to work on international horror, thriller, science-fiction and action films as well as locally-produced ones.

Any last words?

I’m never going to give up the dream!


We wish the best for G.L.O.W’s future endeavours and hope to update our readers on its successes soon.

You can find G.L.O.W’s work at the following sites:



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