Looking Back at Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

I know I’m late to the party here. But alas I’m a mere mortal and don’t know everything automatically. At least I did recently have the joy of discovering the Gem that is Game Dev Tycoon.

Although Tycoon style games aren’t as common nowadays, the genre is a staple of my childhood. and I’m glad to see indie gaming scene bring it back.Game Dev Tycoon is best described as a video-game-publishing-company simulator. In line with this, you start as the sole programmer in your garage in the eighties. From these humble beginnings, you must build up into a publishing powerhouse.

As you make progress you can buy an office, hire minions, research projects, and other such activities. all the while constantly churning out precious gaming masterpieces. Or horrible flops. At least you tried ok. All the while time ticks ever onward, and you must keep producing merchandise for the new systems constantly being released.

As is common amongst similar titles, Game Dev Tycoon has simple 2D graphics. But as is also usual, the heart of tycoon games is in the micromanagement. The animation and artwork are well done all the same. The mechanics can be a bit simplistic at times but definitely need a bit of practice to master.

Game Dev Tycoon was created back in 2012 by the brothers Patrick and Daniel Klug. And while not perfect is really well done for a small indie project. One criticism the game has received is that it is a little too similar to the mobile game that inspired it, Game Dev Story. Personally, my only criticism is the Game moves through time too quickly. I was just getting into the grove when I reached modern times, which ends the game. Now you can continue to play, but there is no dynamics to the environment anymore. ie no new systems come out or conventions to go to etc.

One of my personal favourite features is the approach to anti-piracy. Knowing the game would be torrented, the developers made their own cracked version and uploaded it first. This cracked version of the game plays as normal, except all the games you make themselves get pirated. So you indirectly screw yourself.

All in all Game Dev Tycoon is still definitely worth a look. Check out their website or Steam Page for more info. It won’t hold you up for hours every day, but it’s quite cheap, and a lot of fun

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