Geekfest 2015 – Part 1, aka Rise and Geek.

Once again I am alive and awake before the first rays of sunlight pierce my curtains. Within a matter of some hours (Yes, I am a slow mover in the morning), I am dressed and preparing breakfast for the masses that will soon descend on my house; for today we must feast well and plan correctly as we shall soon be spending much of the day assaulting Geekfest 2015.

As the crisp morning air bleeds into every gap it can find, crawling across the wooden floors and sending shivers up our malanky legs, the masses, my horde, have already begun to consume their fine repast. A monstrous meal worthy of Wookiee, has been dished out on this fine 4th of July morning, the steak has been perfectly cooked, the mushrooms have been slaughtered in butter, the bacon is thick and manly in size and scope, and the toast is a meal of ethnic diversity. This is truly a meal worth remembering. Just a shame we never took any pictures. I blame Morph-Man and Metal Pangolin for that.

Before the flavours have worn off we are speeding along a variety of roads, streets and lanes, fast on our way to Huddle Park, the site for this years gigantic event.


Wookiee loves his badges and name tags and press passes.

It is shortly after 9am when we arrive at this vast venue, and already the masses are queuing up outside the entrance gates. (I believe that at one point there was over 1000 people in the queue.) We make our way briskly across the relatively empty parking area, and up to the plethora of gate guardians. With a polite smile and a soft voice the first guardian directs us to one of her colleagues -perhaps her most important colleague. Well important to us, as this young lady is the key to our press passes.

I greet her politely, and inform her of our requirements. She smiles broadly then informs us we’ll have to wait as the vendors are also using her for their passes. So Wookiee and I stand around and look gorgeous for a while as she assists the wobbly mass of vendors that shuffle next to us. (Well at least one of us does.)

“Fantastic video by the talented Antoinette Henn.

With media passes finally in hand we make our way around the venue and see how many faces, vendors and loonies we know by name. Soon we’re chatting to our Cave Troll (He makes bows, remember?), we meet the great lads from GeekXP, (Vittorio is performing later this day), and we laugh with Richard from G.L.O.W (Even in a land of cosplayers, he is still easy to spot.)

Beyond the fence a vast legion of Geekfest attendees have gathered, as the minutes tick away more and more join their assembled legion. In response to this growing army, Wookiee and I do the most sensible thing we can, we go and get a beer and grab a seat as the gate guardians prepare for the onslaught.


In a matter of seconds we were assaulted by our own Cave Troll… or Bane Troll, if you like..

By 10am the gates are open and the hordes begin to spill through the gaping maw that leads to the land of happiness and joy. Soon Wookiee, Morph-Man, Metal Pangolin and I, as well as the rest of the 925 Rebellion writers, will be swept away in the mad rush for enjoyment and fun.

(Continued tomorrow)….

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