Geekfest 2018, a Wild Joshe Investigates


For a fair amount of time now, Geekfest has been a staple on the South African convention calendar. A Day or two of fun for all factions of the geek world. I’ve been attending since 2012ish. Unfortunately, of late the dates always clash with my exam timetables. Luckily I have attained a minion of Joshe, although he isn’t quite as yellow as to be up to spec for official regulations. No matter we make do, perhaps I can organise some neon yellow spray paint or some such. Meanwhile enjoy the wild adventurings, and slightly mad ramblings of the Joshua – Ed

Geekfest 2018 a roaring success
Events, festivals or gatherings these days can boast many things. Size, quantity and vulgar displays of power but few can lay claim to heart, quality and a large following of LOYAL customers.

What I witnessed at Geekfest 2018 was nothing short of astounding. There was something for everybody and this is no exaggeration.

Young and old were kept entertained by the puppet shows, quizzes, exotic foods and drinks as well as market stalls groaning with items beyond one’s wildest stretch of the imagination.

Geekfest TowerEntire sections were dedicated to medieval duelling as well as card games and tabletop extravaganzas.

But none of this would be possible without incredible leaders at the helm.

For Richard Harmon and his wonderful bride to be Kasia this tour de force is and continues to be a labour of love. Their attention to detail, being tapped into what fans love and unique flavours and spins have come to create a continuously expanding empire.

Long live Geekfest.

Guest post by Joshua Trapido, Loyal Minion.

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