Goteki: Genesis & Revelations (Album Review)


Once again the world has thrown a wonderful compilation album my way. As you know by now, I am excited by compilations. So you can only imagine how thrilled I am to have a magnificent piece of work from a brilliant band to listen to.

This is the talented Goteki, and the amazing “Genesis & Revelations.

Where should one begin with a review of such a diverse album as this? Well, probably with a look at the original songs. Now this album, as is its want, is filled with a vast collection of Goteki’s best works. Songs such as ‘Song About a Girl‘ and ‘Shinjuku Lullaby‘ come hurtling out at you from the deepest depths of creative freedom.

  • Phuturist (Echo Image’s Stormtrooper Remix)
  • The Angel’s Share
  • Death is Not the End
  • Shoot Me Dead
  • Metro Deluxe
  • Silent War
  • What is Love?
  • Shinjuku Lullaby
  • Dusk in Desert Rain
  • Freebird (Apoptygma Berzerk’s Extended Disco Mix)
  • Thug Electro
  • Snowdrift (Goteki’s ’84 Stadium Remix)
  • Burning in the Dark
  • Take Me to Your Lover (Coloureds Remix)
  • We Can Rebuild You (Goteki’s $6,000,000 Remix)
  • Song About a Girl
  • Tin Heart
  • Avenida Revolu├žion (Hymn For Those We Lost)

Now the remixes on this album, though few in number, are about as diverse as any remixes can be. “We Can Rebuild You (Goteki’s $6,000,000 Remix)” and “Snowdrift (Goteki’s ’84 Stadium Remix)” both pound and play with your mind, body and soul simultaneously. It’s absolutely bloody lethal. Not only are the remixes amazing, but one of the best names in the industry -APB (Apoptygma Berzerk)- did a wonderful remix of Freebird.

Bottom line, “Genesis & Revelations” is an amazing album that is a must have for any music collection, and any DJ worth his/her salt.

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