Hit by the Rebels – Alien vs Predator 2010

Before the recent and exceptionally successful Alien: Isolation, there were several other iterations of the Alien vs Predator franchise games; some dreadful, others thrillingly awesome. Alien VS Predator 2010 was one of the better titles.

AVP 2010 is a first-person shooter title that was developed by Rebellion (not us, we plead innocence) and published by Sega for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, in 2010 (Obviously). It was good enough to satiate the lust for gored human corpses and space hunting, but not as noteworthy as the latest instalment.

AVP 2012 is played from a first-person perspective as a human, predator or alien depending on the player’s choice, each with their own unique set of abilities and equipment. This means there are three brief campaigns through which to play and the survival mode one can pick from the main menu. While none of the campaigns has a lot of content to keep you occupied for weeks, the fast paced action approach is fun enough to warrant a replay or two. Would you like to scale walls as the ultimate pray that lurks in the shadows and jumps from vents? Are you the elite breed of extra-terrestrial hunter that leaps giant gaps and collects human skulls as trophies for their five year old daughter back home? Or are you the heavily armed mercenary survivor that’s shaking in the shadows, sucking his thumb and crying to mommy because of all the weird shenanigans unfolding around you? Did they really think anyone enjoys playing with the heavily disadvantaged humans?

Our Shadowy editor and his loyal cadets have set off to participate in this endless three way battle. If you’d like to see how the Rebellion Boys fare, hit play on the video below.

Alien VS Predator 2010 is great fun in spite of the fact that it wasn’t a hyper successful title. If you take the time to let it grow on you, it surely will.

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