Hit by the Rebels – Aquanox

Admit it, you’ve always dreamt of piloting a futuristic spaceship-esque submarine through underwater coves and canyons at inhumane speeds while being referred to as “Deadeye”. The thought of it makes your heart race and you feel like a hero person. We know you were trying to hide it but no more shall we allow you the disguise!

If by accident we actually did address some deep down desire then feast your eyes on Aquanox. Aquanox is a Submarine Flight Simulator video game released in 2001 for windows based systems by Massive Development. It features a single player and multi-player mode, so you can even drag friends into your unlikely dream world.

You are Emerald “Deadeye” Flint, a pilot person who hunts “the Bionts”, whatever that might be. With these despicable things finally defeated Flint returns to the mercenary life as the leader of a Biont-hunting task force, where he settles down… briefly. His vessel is then stolen; he is given an old raggedy bucket of bolts and told to do some missions. You get to upgrade the new ship and make a name for yourself from scratch. This seems like a need for speed rerun. Anyhow, you control the ship as you would in any other flight simulator, except you have weapons and it can be upgraded throughout the course of the game to be made more deadly and pretty and less rusty.

Our proud captain of the Star Trek Online space game program and Editor, Shadow, and his lackeys take to the deep seas of what I assume to be earth. Can they survive? Actually can they do anything except make humorous remarks about their impending demise? Watch the Rebellion boys give it their best shot bellow:

It certainly seems like a fun little ditty but you’ll have to trust your own judgment on this one. Like it or not though, the Rebellion Boys had a great time dismantling it.

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