Hit by the Rebels – BattleBlock Theatre

If you’ve played the Saints Row games, heard of the toast simulator named “I am bread” or seen the many unspeakable things people do and create in Sims then you start believing you’ve seen everything. That’s normally when one more weird loony game comes by and proves that there are still things which can surprise you. Enter Battleblock Theatre.

Developed by The Behemoth and Big Timber Studio for Xbox live arcade and PC, this 2013 platformer packs tons of entertainment value and head scratching strangeness in both its single player and co-op modes.

You start out with a stick puppet style cut scene that depicts a ship, the S.S. Friendship and its crew of hundreds of friends, one of which is Hatty Hattington the best friend to one and all, sailing into a heavy storm. The narrator continues to tell the tale of how they end up stranded on a seemingly deserted island. When the player character awakes they find themselves in a dilapidated theatre, where cat overlords have taken the crew prisoner and force them to perform dangerous and elaborate acts in deadly theatre performances. At the head of these evil felines sits Hatty, seemingly possessed by a hat that sits atop his own noggin. The player must take to the stage as it is time for lights, camera and action packed adventures.

Battleblock Theatre is a side-scrolling platformer where the player can run, jump and climb to solve puzzles and navigate the deadly environment. Through levels the player gains gems which are used as currency to bribe the cat captors for more advanced and useful gear such as Frisbees and vacuum cleaners. Save Hatty and the rest in the name of friendship, or die trying.

Again our Rebellion Boys put their dysfunctional friendship to the test as they attempt to navigate the dangers of the stage. How do they fare? I suspect terribly but just to be sure you’d best watch the below video:

Battleblock Theatre is a basic yet fun platforming experience that features an interestingly original plot and hours of cooperative content. If you wish to get friendly or get the message across that your friendship is doomed, this game is your answer.

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