Hit by the Rebels – Braid


If I could take it all back I would, or maybe I wouldn’t, but luckily I cannot so what’s the point in thinking about it? What am I on about? Braid of course, and its time twisting platforming fun which is more puzzling than my thoughts.

Braid is a 2008 puzzle platforming game released for Xbox, PlayStation 3 and PC by the talented Number None Inc. You play as Tim who can jump run and climb his way through his 2D environments to solve puzzles and further tell his story. He also controls time which is more than a gameplay mechanic as it also makes the plot as interesting as it is.

Tim, you see, is on a mission to save a princess with unknown affiliation to Tim when the game starts out. Tim regrets having done something terribly wrong and wishes to reconcile but first he must save the princess from a terrible monster. There’s a twist to the tale however, but I haven’t the time to tell you about it.

Now since this is a puzzle game we assumed it required some processing power in the mental category. This made for a bucket load of laughs when our Rebellion Boys tested their smartitude on Braid. Hit the jump to see the experiment in all its splendour.

While it is a simple game in a world of 3D graphical masterpieces we felt Braid deserved more credit than most titles do. We’d recommend this for the entertainment it provides as well as the surprisingly complex and thought provoking plot it contains. Go now and try it, unless you won’t, which you’ll wish you did.

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