Hit by the Rebels – Broforce

Remember all those bad action movies everyone used to love from days long gone? Have you ever wished you could see them all combined in an awesome interactive adventure where they’re not taken all that seriously? No? You’re weird.

Well, Broforce is that game. It’s an action packed, side scrolling, run and gun platformer where you get to shoot everything to kingdom come and back again. It was released in 2014 by Free Lives on PC and it has a scheduled release for PlayStation 4.

In the game you play a ‘Bro’ – a hyper-masculine action hero (read dimwit with style), who must save his other ‘bros’ from POW captivity. You run and gun through levels where you shoot and destroy everything in the old fashioned Contra style. When you finish a level – by defeating a foreign evil devil boss – you hoist the American flag, exfil on a chopper and leave everything you liberated to explode in manly fashion. Even the character names are parodies of old action movies such as Terminator and Rambo.

Our ‘Bros’ couldn’t resist giving this game their love, and as such we have unofficial footage of the Rebellion Boys making out with an old-looking video game. Hit the jump if you’d like your minds blown.

So ‘Bros’ of all shapes and sizes, who wants to save the world?
It’s a barrel of laughs and well worth the time spent on it. We’d recommend ditching your less than action-packed and manly ‘bros’ and getting Broforce today!

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