Hit by the Rebels – City Life

I for one have a difficult time running my own life with all the ups and downs and what have you, but for some their own lives just isn’t enough. These are the individuals that would enjoy trying to balance budgets, building, resources and different economic groups within a virtual space and call it fun. These are the sorts that would play City Life.

City Life is a SimCity like game, or a City Building Game, developed by Monte Cristo and published by Deep Silver for Windows and Nintendo DS back in 2006.

In City Life the player represents the city and must build a thriving metropolis starting from the ground up. This requires that the player balances the negative impacts, positive contributions, running costs and generated income of the different buildings, while making sure to attract the right amount of different classes to the city in order for it to function properly and prosper. Classes refers to the different sorts of inhabitants you attract to the city, there are six of these which are comprised of; Elites, Suits, Blue collars, Have-nots, Fringes, Radical Chics, each with their own likes and dislikes which might attract them, scare them off or cause them to develop into other classes.

The Rebellion Boys attempted to build and manage a City. To see if Shadow and his council can conquer such a task, press play on the video below.

City Life attempts to fill the void left by the absence of a stable hosting EA SimCity server and manages to do so rather well. If simulation and building is your thing, then so is City Life.

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