Hit by the Rebels – Desperate Housewives: The Game

Have you heard the latest gossip from Wisteria Lane? That nice lady from house 13 committed suicide, apparently the local gardener Carlos is having an affair with a married woman and a new family has just moved into our picturesque neighbourhood. Speaking of, it has also been said that some psychotic force controls the very actions of this family from behind the scenes, like in a video game. Mysterious right?

Desperate housewives: The Game is a life and social simulation video game that was develop by Liquid Entertainment and published by Buena Vista Games in 2006 for Windows computers. People say it has the very souls of those who made it trapped inside, but that could just be a rogue rumour though.

The player controls the family that has recently moved to town that consists of a very successful doctor, an amnesiac wife and a mischievous son. During their daily routines they encounter the famous faces and many loved personalities that appear on the television series of the same name. Indulge in the forbidden fruits of affairs and gambling, become surrounded and included in the mystery and intrigue and maybe even survive a dreadful hostage situation.

The drama queen that is our Shadowy editor and his click of overly fabulous presenters jump in to discover the terrible secrets around town. Press play to see the Rebellion Boys do their best at house wife-ing.

If you enjoy a good simulator, a good drama, you’re a fan of the series or you simply feel like seeing the seduction mechanics in work, this title is worth a try.

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