Hit by the Rebels – Doom II: Hell on Earth

When My Chemical Romance sang “Mamma, we all go to hell” I’m guessing they saw the Doom games as prophets of our future. Should that be true, we really have a “Crysis” on our hands. Mars One has already been announced back in 2013 which aims to populate Mars, have we learned nothing from DOOM?!

A long, long time ago in a galaxy that is identical to our own because it is ours, back in 1994 as a matter of fact, id Software developed a sequel to one of the defining titles in first person video game history, that was how Doom II: Hell on Earth came to be. It was initially developed for MS-DOS and Macintosh but is also available on Game Boy Advance, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3.

Doom II: Hell on Earth is a sequel to the original that follows Doomguy, an unnamed space marine that returns from Hell to find Earth has been invaded by the demons he went to kill. Realising that Earth has fallen the remaining human population build several giant spaceships to carry them off into space. Doomguy doesn’t give up that easily however and once he sees his fellow humans off safely, he returns to plant his boot firmly up a demon’s ass—ymmetrical rear. Cock your shotgun, for you are Doomguy.

Well in this case Shadow (our lordly editor), and his hell-spawn, better known as the Rebellion Boys, have taken up the role of Doomguy, watch as Shadow attempts to save Earth from the demons below.

This year’s E3 saw the reveal of the long awaited next entry into the Doom franchise simply titled Doom, but while you wait, why not pick up the classics to pass the time? We did and we had fun torturing our eyes with the outdated pixelated graphics on our nostalgia trip to Hell and back.

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