Hit by the Rebels – Dungeon Keeper 2

The last time a strategy and God game was really absolutely undeniably great was back in 1999, which is when the holy grail of EA’s publication life known as Dungeon Keeper 2 was released. That would also be the last time a production house really managed to make being evil feel way too good.

Dungeon Keeper 2 was developed by Bullfrog productions (Theme Hospital) and released for Microsoft Windows in 1999, just before the turn of the century. It cast the player in the role of a “Keeper” who was tasked with constructing dungeons, managing the creatures which enter them, fighting off rival Keepers and goodly heroes and to find the portal gems that would open up a portal to the surface world where the heroes hail from. The plot was also meant to set the stage for a sequel which never happened.

You are a keeper and the voice of Richard Ridings, comically keeps you company as the fourth wall breaking narrator with a twisted sense of humour. If you fail, if you win or if you idle too long without taking action he reminds you thereof with a well-placed sharp remark. As a keeper you had to build the dungeon by excavating areas and building rooms which would attract certain creatures to your domain. You had to provide a place to sleep, food to eat, a means to train and entertainment in the form of work, don’t forget they also need to be paid. Vampires, skeletons, goblins, salamanders and bile demons could be lured, among other fields, to do your bidding. Certain enemy heroes and creatures could be tortured or even converted to your cause by using a torture chamber which further expanded the roster of minions available to you, as evil corrupts absolutely.

One of the many other nice features was that the keeper was not only able to use spells and his hand of evil to interact, slap, pick up and drop minions all over, but a certain spell called “Possession” allowed one to play as one of the critters that lurks the halls of your evil empire and engage in first person combat yourself. If you had the mana and a good reason, you were also able to call upon the mascot murderer known as “Horney”, short for the Horned Reaper, who would go on a rampage and destroy everything in his wake for a short period of time. As long as your dungeon heart still had health and was protected from threats, including dissatisfied subjects who revolt, then the darkness could thrive.

Our loving, caring and benevolent overlord, Shadow -this should come as no surprise-  is a long standing fan of the series. Go and see the Rebellion Boys play DK2, one on one, as Shadow micromanages all that creeps and crawls in the night (That includes you, Raven.), in an attempt to destroy the empire of Morph-Man.

If you have for whatever reason missed this lovely old game you can head over to Good old Games and purchase it for reasonably cheap. While it leaves you praying to all the Gods of the underworld for a sequel once you finish it, we would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone as a must play. As the game’s tag line says; “It’s good to be bad”.

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