Hit by the Rebels – Evil Genius

Being bad feels oh-so very good, it’s a fact of life, we all know it. At some point you realise it’s more pleasurable to steal the condensed milk from the fridge than to get permission first, or drink alcohol while still under 18 or to build giant realms underground wherein your army of hideously disfigured evil creatures can grow until you are capable of taking over the surface world rather than run legitimately for president. However nothing quite captures the feeling quite as well as filling the shoes of an evil genius.

Evil Genius is a 2004 real time strategy simulation game that Elixir studios developed for the PC. The player gets to choose one of three evil looking master minds to be his or her representative in-game and has to build a doomsday device to conquer the world or force it into submission. You will encounter resistance on a global scale, your resources are limited, your minions misbehave and there are cliché spy-puns around every corner, waiting to make you giggle sheepishly.

You see the world in a top-down view from where you can build your evil lair, see your minions and construct your base of operations. Alternatively the mastermind must cast a watchful eye on the world itself which he wishes to dominate, which can be seen on the “world domination screen”. Here available opportunities to commit “acts of infamy” reveal itself periodically. The player then sends minions to perform said tasks which range from stealing things to decorate the base with or taking hostages. With one ruler that’s spread paper thin, being the ruler of evil comes with a minor head ache.

Our clan of misfits have planted their evil seeds on their YouTube channel for all to see, hit the jump to witness a demonstration of why evil empires always fall.

So if you like clicking stuff like links and play buttons or minions you wish would work faster, you fancy yourself intelligent to some degree or you just have a desire to be evil without the consequences, Evil Genius is worth playing.

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