Hit by the rebels – Faderhead’s Fistful of F*ck Yous

Remember 2D side-scroller arcade fighting games; those wonderfully plain yet eternally entertaining masterpieces like Ninja Turtles and Double Dragon that got bad sound effects stuck in your head for days? Those were the days right? Now you can relive your probably less-happy-than-you-like-to-admit childhood while enjoying some modern Electro, EBM, Industrial tunes simultaneously.

The game is called Faderhead’s Fistful of F*ck Yous, and it is based on their 2012 song by the same name from their 5th album; World of Faderhead. This brawler was programmed voluntarily by Trev Nethers using the Open Beats Of Rage game-engine, so says the official site.

You play one of four selectable band members. The band member must then fight his way to the gig, running through several nasty ghetto back streets and alternative clubs. You’ll also come across bosses such as Combichrist, Aesthetic Perfection and Blut Engels‘ own Chris Pohl. Come hell or high water you’ve got to reach that club and feed f*ck flavoured fists to anyone who crosses your path.

While it isn’t much in terms of plot or graphics, it’s a fun and humorous little distraction. If this sounds like your sort of pastime you can download the game for free, or pay whatever you want for it, on their webpage.

Came for the sick tunes, stayed for some button mashing! Just look at what our Rebellion Boys did with the game.

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