Hit by the Rebels – Fallout New Vegas

When I say “post-apocalyptic future”, what image comes to mind? I bet it looks like a desert with a whole lot of sand and maybe the ruins of city structures. One or two people might even think of city regions taken back by vines and lush vegetation, but most will see the beach without a shore line stretching as far as the eye can see.

Now let me ask you to picture Nevada and Las Vegas. If you’ve seen enough Hollywood depictions, you’ll know it’s little more than the perfect place to film a movie set in a post-apocalyptic future. So much so, that if there was an earth shattering event or nuclear fallout, I’m not sure if anything would change. Would there be a difference between the lower layer desert sand and the top layers of apocalypse sand? We look to Bethesda Softworks for answers in the game called, Fallout New Vegas.

In 2010, Bethesda Softworks published this title that was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It is the fourth entry in the Fallout series and one of Bethesda’s many noteworthy games.

In 2281, you, a male or female or intersex Asian or possibly black or possibly white or possibly monstrous tentacle beast with long or maybe short hair of varying colour and style, walks the wasteland to drop of a mysterious package. Some not-so-friendly folks ambush you and pop a cap up in your irradiated bum-cheeks, leave you for dead and take the package in question. Their mistake was believing you would die and not finishing the job. Yours was forgetting to save for the last hour.

After waking up in the kind village of Goodsprings, having been saved and cared for by strangers, you do the only logical thing an underpaid courier in a wasteland full of danger could do, you make hard decisions and go on a revenge mission while partaking in the occasional gambling mini-games. You do so in either first or third person view, depending on your choice. After creating your character, you get to choose your play style. The game allows you reasonable freedom in how you approach problems and gives you choices that have indirect implications on your story and character development. You can be a sneaky type that skulks in the shadows, the kind that goes through areas without anyone ever knowing or the kind that passes through; killing everything and everyone without ever being caught in the act. You can also go in all guns blazing, should you not have decided you prefer beating things with a baseball bat or rust stained Katana you picked up on your journeys. More of a social person? They have you covered, mingle enough and spend your skill points accordingly, then you can talk your way out of tense situations. You might even be able to convince your foes to kill themselves. Who knows? Built from the ruins of the once mighty Las Vegas, the city of New Vegas invites you to explore the politics awaiting inside.

The Rebellion Boys, now consisting of two overlords; the Shady one and the Unshaven one, as well as their morph-man-person, have decided to brave the sand storms and mutant menaces of New Vegas. Will the odds be in their favour, or will they fold? Hit the jump to find out.

Over-all, we loved the game, and we loved the series. If you enjoy action/adventure games, getting lost in a giant sandbox (with extra sand) or if you’re just looking to pass some time waiting for the next big thing, then we can recommend this title pants down.

Now excuse me, I need to go de-sand my shoes and jump-suit.

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