Hit by the Rebels – Lego Marvel Superheroes

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. The proof that this statement holds truth is in the toys we play with; as kids we loved Lego and we loved heroes, as adults we love the same stuff but instead prefer it in digital format because it is easier to clean up once done playing (laziness is proof of age after all).

TT Games realised our obsession with plastic bricks and has strived to provide us with our fill of thereof. Lego Marvel Superheroes is a 2013 action-adventure videogame based on the Marvel universe with more or less 150 playable characters that is available on PC, PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita, Xbox One and 360 and Wii U.

In Lego Marvel Superheroes the Silver Surfer has come to earth and while being pursued by Ironman he is intercepted and knocked out of the sky by Doctor Doom, shattering his surfboard into several cosmic bricks. After discovering the immense power these bricks contain Doom captures the surfer and forges and alliance with a host of other villains in order to build a “Doom Ray of Doom” which will repel Galactus and allow them to rule the world. S.H.I.E.L.D. and the heroes won’t simply allow it however and as such you and your team of mismatched heroes must race to capture the bricks first and save the earth.

You control your hero in 3rd person and can jump, run and fight your way through the many elaborate challenges the villainous groups place before you using the many unique powers the large roster of characters poses. Since you are one of several heroes in a team at any given moment, you are able to jump between the characters and play as them or if you have friends they are able to simply join in on the fun at any given moment with the drop-in drop-out co-op option.

Our Rebellion Boys were simply giddy with excitement when they saw their favourite heroes in their plastic brick forms and couldn’t wait to play with their toys. We couldn’t resist showing their joy to the world and as such, here’s a video full of bliss and Lego and voices.

<Rebellion Boys Play Lego Marvel Superheroes Video>

Almost feel like rushing to the stores to buy a big bucket of Lego again, don’t you? The internet has warned of the dangers that come with the real deal however, such as the pain of stepping on a single misplaced brick, and as such the safer and better option would be to play the games. Who’s with us?

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