Hit by the Rebels – Mexicana Deadly Holiday

Who doesn’t love fun getaways to exotic locations? We all dream of places we would go if time and money were less pressing. We dream of the Eiffel tower in France or the Great Pyramid in Egypt or maybe even the Dias des los Muertos festival in Mexico. Few however plan to travel to the connected underworld of that last destination.

Mexicana: Deadly Holiday is a hidden-object game that was developed and published by Big Fish Games for PC.

You are tasked with helping a seemingly random woman who’s Husband has been kidnapped by a mysterious figure during the Day of the Dead festival in her pursuit of those responsible. Instead of marvelously over the top action sequences and master detective work she uses her innate ability to find cleverly hidden irrelevant objects, solve pointlessly distracting puzzles and complete fun yet aimless mini-games. Her highly unlikely rescue attempt will reveal more than just the identity of the nefarious forces behind this crime, but also shed some light her own. Who could she possibly be?

As seemingly random as her methods are, so was the decision of our Rebellion Boys to play this title. Or maybe fate has a hand in this as well? You’ll never know unless you look.

If the many interesting questions like “who is the random girl?” or “Did fate have a hand in making us play such a ludicrous game?” or “where did I put my keys?” beckons an answer in your books, then you might want to pick up Mexicana: Deadly Holiday!

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