Hit by the Rebels – Napoleon: Total War

Seasoned war veteran and once proud Emperor of France, the great Napoleon Bonaparte can be found in text books, children stories and video games alike. His historical influence still merits mentioning till today, however some of us may not be all that well informed of the specifics as to why this specific ruler is as famous as he is.

Napoleon: Total War seeks to both educate and entertain, by allowing gamers to attempt to recreate the many harsh battles the Emperor once faced. It thus follows his career in four separate campaigns; one for his conquests in Italy, another for his invasion of Egypt, Mastery of Europe which is the major battles he fought for and within France, then the Campaigns of the Coalition which takes a look at the French fights from the other side of the musket fire.

This turn based real-time strategy game was developed by The Creative Assembly team and released in 2010, and its bloody battles still brings warmth to our hearts and inevitably square eyes. It is played from a top-down perspective where the player, controlling Napoleon himself most of the time, must command his troops. When not conquering, quarrelling or fighting on the fronts, the player enters a build mode of sorts where one builds structures that produce units and perform mundane tasks like trading and negotiations with other political powers.

Our ruthless ruler and his right hand man sought to study the arts of war under Napoleon’s tutelage and, lacking a time machine, decided playing total war would be good enough. Are they any good? They are entertaining to say the least. Hit the jump for some warfare, Rebellion Boys Style.


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