Hit by the Rebels – Sir you are being hunted

Have you ever looked, I mean really looked, at the British? If you stare at your TV monitor long enough you might notice that according to the media they are pale, impolite, impatient beings that go about their days without emotions as if working a perfect schedule. They seem cold and distant compared to the rest of humanity. They almost seem like automatons. Believe what you see on TV folks, they are robots!

Sir You Are Being Hunted is a 2014 survival stealth game that was developed by Big Robot and published digitally on Steam. It released on PC and can be played on Mac OS X and Linux as well.

When you, the Sir (or Madam), find yourself on one of five foreign English-themed islands, surrounded by hordes of politely murderous robotic hunters that seem oddly British and their animatronic pooches, your obvious goal should be to hightail it out of there. How far will you get on an empty stomach with no weapons or traps? This is a survival game after all and you need to keep you strength up. Just because you are being hunter doesn’t mean you can’t do a little hunting of your own. Back to the escape part, guided by the disembodied voice of your butler you must find the five mystical fragments scattered one in each region, and assemble them in a place of significance in order to get home.

The game is played in first person and you are primarily not capable of entering combat with large groups of enemies. You must scavenge for recourses, weapons, traps and the fragments while minding your inventory space. You can hide in tall grass to avoid detection or run and hope to make it far enough away. Apart from the occasional satirical moment, the game has a very real threat pursuing you in the baron, gritty British procedurally generated landscape. Yes procedurally, like MineCraft, your map is generated on the fly by the smart engine in the background meaning no two play-throughs are alike and you’ll never quite know where or when the next bionic poacher might be lying in wait.

Having some form of English heritage, our Shadowy editor and his Rebellion Boys minions set off to try and reason with the men of metal. Will an offering of tea and biscuits be enough to appease the hostile robots?

While Sir you are being Hunted has a very unique concept and an interesting execution of the idea we believe it isn’t long lived enough for the full price. Unless you are gifted this title by friend and family, you might want to hold out until Steam has another sale, but be sure not to miss it then. You’ll have a jolly good time indeed.

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