Hit by the Rebels – Star Wars: Empire at War

Raise your hands if you have ever wished you could be the Supreme Being that dictates which strategy is used to conquer galaxies in the Star Wars franchise. Now stop and think about the fact that the force made you raise your hand where no-one noteworthy could observe your actions.

Star Wars: Empire at War is a 2006 real-time strategy video game that was develop for Windows by Petroglyph games and published by LucasArts.

In Star Wars: Empire at War, the player can choose between two factions and play their campaign (YAY, two playthroughs). If the player chooses the Rebel Alliance, they are taught how to pilot an X-wing in a junk yard, then sent to Wayland on a basic ground combat mission. When the planet liberation attempts succeed the player will find themselves recreating the Battle of Yavin. If the player chooses the imperial guys they will assist Lord Darth Vader and his breathing apparatus in locating the Rebel scum, annihilating them, and ensuring the construction of the Death Star. The plot is set between episode III and IV so it counts as a filler. It also features a sandbox style campaign mode and a skirmish mode for multiplayer.

Our own Rebels, the Rebellion Boys, stepped up to face Vader. Can they win or will they betray the rebel legions in service to the empire? Click play to find out.

There you have it. The Force can be in books, comics, movies, cartoons, action games, MMORPGs and strategy, and it will always be good (that’s a Jedi mind trick).

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