Hit by the Rebels – Surface: Mystery of another world

What if there were two worlds? One where everyone lived their day to day lives and another twisted reflection thereof? What if you lived in both?

Surface: Mystery of Another world is a story driven hidden object game developed for PC by Big Fish Games.

In Surface: Mystery of Another World a peaceful train ride turns into a wayward trip that goes of course. Shortly thereafter strange occurrences start occurring (so descriptive) and it is up to the player to use their impressive things-finding skills to find out what is causing the disturbances in reality and locate some person called Bobby! If only every player was a fictional Scottish pipe smoking world renowned detective straight out of some mystery novel.

Shadow and his Rebellion Boy lad band put their eyes to the test in this exciting title. How blind can the guys be?

If you’ve lost interest in big AAA titles, you might find something worth your time hidden in these nifty little titles.

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