In-depth triple shoot cosplay. (Part 1)


A few weeks ago I was invited to a cosplay photoshoot. Now I have been to a few such shoots over the past few years, but this one was something different. For one, we were shooting three cosplay characters at once -most of whom were retiring after the shoot. We also decided that we’d break from the traditional cosplay article, and instead, do an article that focused on the characters, its creation, and the photographers work and skills.

So join me over the next three weeks as I chat to Adele (Gothcatgirl’s Cosplay Adventures) about her various cosplays, and Andrew (Bake by AJ) about the skills he uses to pull the shoots off.


“The environment is the backdrop it’s a good indication if you are going to use high key (white light) or low key (dark light). The environment with the choice of clothing & make up helps tell the story, which will create the mood of the picture. It always the model to visualize the character & being it to life.” -Andrew.

Why Cleopatra?

For some odd reason, I had a bee in my bonnet to do something Egyptian, in the image is Liz Taylor in the classic movie (Cleopatra) popped into my head.  I don’t like doing mainstream cosplays in any case.

What sort of research did you do?

I looked at shots from the movie, and at pics from the temples in Egypt.  The styling in the movie was more based on the 1960’s fashion at the time the movie was shot.  So I wanted to be accurate to the actual Egyptian headdress and styling.


“You should make sure that your batteries are charged for your camera & your external flash, have mountains extra batteries & memory cards. Make a list of what equipment you would need for the shoot. Follow the 4 Ps Proper plan prevents planing.” -Andrew.

Describe her in one word.


How did you make the cosplay?

Slow. Painfully. The headpiece was done with Papier-mâché and blood from 24 virgins.  The crook and flail is Papier-mâché over bamboo sticks.  The dress I made, and the neck-piece I hand beaded. The dress is super thin fabric, so I had to hand stitch the thing.  It took forever.  The belt is just a bit of yoga mat.


Photoshop and other editing tools give the artist power to alter reality in many, many ways.

What sort of reactions have you gotten for the cosplay?

Most people think the cosplay is pretty rad, but they have no idea who the hell I am.  They asked me from which anime I was.  I think the sheerness of the dress might make some people uncomfortable.

Have you taken Cleopatra to any events? How did it go?

I won the AWX cosplay comp in January 2015 with it.

Why did you decide to retire her?

I’m not likely to wear her again.  she’s a once-off.  She’s done her job.  I’m keeping the headpiece though.  It’s too beautiful to throw away.


With a little editing, some skill, and a touch of photoshop the queen is once again alive.

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