In-depth triple shoot cosplay. (Part 2)

-Viking Maiden-

Welcome back. Welcome to the second week of this unique cosplay-photography experience.  Once again we join legendary cosplayer Adele (Gothcatgirl’s Cosplay Adventures) and photographer Andrew (Bake by AJ).


“The key to good photography is to think outside the box, learn the basics of photography, but bend the rules. You must also be willing to learn every time you do a photo shoot, no photographer is a God.” -Andrew.

Why Vikings?

Why not?  I have Scottish blood in me, so I claim a wee bit Norse blood!  Also, vikings are badass.  Their gods are epic.  Their lives were dramatic. (Nothing like dying of old age at thirty. Ed)

No horned helmet?

Nope, according to archaeological digs they wore leather and beaten steel helms.  No horns in sight. (They wore skull caps, like their Norman descendants.) The horns became popular when it was in operas in the 1800’s.

How did the TV series influence you?

Utterly.  Lagertha and the other shield-maidens fired my blood.  The popular notion that only male warriors existed, was nullified when female remains were discovered on the shores of the UK, buried like male warriors.  And Lagertha embodies both the traditional view of the mother and wife, and but also shatters it by being a warrior, and a leader.

Describe her in one word.



“Even I can take pictures. But having an eye for pictures is a rarity and a skill that takes years to develop. After all, I did not get my thumb in the shot, but I did get the spear. So I have a lot to learn.” -Shadow.

How did you make the cosplay?

I used craft foam that I techniqued to look like leather.  Then I glued individual scales to a tank top.  The bracer is also woven from craft foam.  The skirt is just de-stressed and coloured fabric. The axe I made from Papier-mâchéand and a piece of wood from my garden; I put fishing weights in the head so it would feel heavy in the hand.  You can’t kill someone with it, but it will sure hurt when you hit someone!

What sort of reactions have you gotten for the cosplay?

I got most reactions from the hardcore bearded men and sword carrying women.  They stopped me to inspect the work.  Most cosplayers had no clue who I was. LARPers also enjoyed it. Most of the reactions are from older individuals.

Have you taken your -non-shield- Shield-Maiden to any events?

I’ve debuted her at Medieval Fayre in 2015. I wore her again without her cloak at Warcon 2015.

Why did you decide to retire her?

I’m actually re-considering this.  I really enjoy her, and the costume has held up pretty well.  There are still some miles left in it.  And i really, really like walking around with an axe in my belt.


Once more the Norse sack the neighbourhood.

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