In-depth triple shoot cosplay. (Part 3)


Welcome to the third and final week of this unique cosplay journey. Today we look at the final and most complex cosplay produced by Adele (Gothcatgirl’s Cosplay Adventures) and Andrew (Bake by AJ).


What made you decide to go with Valka?

I was re-watching How to Train Your Dragon for the umpteenth time, and she suddenly jumped out at me. I loved how eccentric and misunderstood she was. How isolated. And how she turned that into a force for good. Also, the outfit was insane. The level  of engineering that would go into the outfit, was almost a case of the unachievable. Which meant it was a challenge.

What sort of research did you do for Valka?

Apart from re-watching her scenes over and over? I printed out butt-loads of pics, and pasted it all over my walls. Since it’s a fictional character, based on a fictional world, you kinda make it up as you go along.

Did you make your costume or get it made?

Make all of it myself. Every last bit. I’m a little OCD about the way I like stuff. 


“Always be willing to have a back up plan , the perfect photo shoot is nearly impossible. There will be time that things go to plan. But the best photos are the unexpected ones when plans have changed.” -Andrew.

What sort of materials do you use?

I quite like my papermache clay. Recently I got into using craft foam, that stuff is completely amazing. And of course, kilograms of hot glue sticks. And a bit of awful sewing.

Where do you source them?

The craft foam I get from a sweet shop in Centurion. Random odds and ends I get from Her Annies in Centurion, and The Flower Spot in Woodmead. The fabric I source from Metro in Centurion.

Do you use a workbench or specialist technology to make your cosplay?

Whaaaaa hahahaha!! You’re funny.
I use my lounge, a glue gun and a home made mannequin. One day when I’m grown-up though, I will have a workshop with all the bells and whistles.

Why did you decide to retire Valka?

She was a one-off.  Also, the costume is coming apart.  I don’t really have room to keep her huge boots.  So I’m keeping the headpiece, the bracers and her staff.  it would be crime to throw it away.  it will go on my wall as decoration.


It will always amaze me how a little paint, some material, a bit of passion and some dedication can create absolutely amazing results.

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