Independence Day: Resurgence


I have just finished watching Independence Day: Resurgence. That’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back. I feel used and betrayed. You would think that after the twenty years since they released the first film they would have at least come up with a half decent screenplay. But no. No, they simply went and reproduced every cliche they could find and added a large dollop of patriotic flag waving nonsense. For a Sci-Fi film, Independence Day: Resurgence is ass gravy of the worst time.

Right then. Where shall I begin my assassination of this *vomit* film?

Let’s start with the plot shall we. So the film happens, as previously stated, some twenty years after the first one. (I’m still trying to figure out how they defeated the first alien invasion. But who knows? Hollywood works in mysterious ways.) Anyway, the aliens return with a larger ship, more fighters, bigger guns and a queen. Yes, they too have joined the wonderful world of hive based monarchy. You pretty much know how this is going to go. They fight. There’s death and explosions. And the aliens lose again. Who saw that coming? But… major plot point! There is a third alien race that “arrive” to help out. Nothing like friendly aliens. They help the humans win the day, and then offer the humans the “leading role” in the intergalatic war against the evil aliens. Can you say cliche space opera? I can see this franchise turning into a watered down version of Star Trek meets Fallen Skies.

Hopefully that alone will put you off this abortion. If not, then let’s have a look at the characters. Jeff Goldblum is back dropping one-liners. But without Will Smith to bounce them off of the comedy of the movie falls flat on its face. Granted there are a few giggles here and there, but not enough to make you actually smile.
A few faces from the first film have also returned. But most of them die. GOOD! They have added a plethora of new characters. Most of whom are talentless eye candy that sputter predictable dialogue and exude bland emotion. It makes my eyes bleed.


Now I know that these sorts of films are not meant to be taken seriously. But as a lover of good cinema, I do tend to take my film experiences quite seriously. So much so that even though I sat back to enjoy a popcorn munching SFX bonanza I pretty much lost the will to live within 15 minutes and instead started working on ideas for a new short story.

Speaking of the SFX this is the one area in which the film did a decent job. Well, mostly. Well, in the fight scenes. Sort of. Apart from the vast numbers of ships, guns and alien slaughter the SFX were rather poorly used. Okay, so they created a bigger ship and lots of lasers! But those alone do not create a great movie. And do not get me started on the queen. Bugger it. In for a penny and all that. The queen was the walking amalgamation of Sci-Fi cliches. For God’s sake, she had the large head, tentacles and all the other trappings of every b-movie queen alien from the past three decades. Why not have an alien queen that’s five foot tall and armed with peg legs? I’d pay to see that. It would at least be entertaining.

Right, I’m going to stop here. I do not want to ruin the film for you.

Bottom line, Independence Day: Resurgence was, in the words of a friend of mine, “Oh god, it was the biggest pile of empty ballsacks I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch.” I completely agree with her. Hopefully the sequel/s (You know there will be plenty of them) will not be as terrible as this pile of refuse. But I do not have much hope for such a day… or film.

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