Karkaos: Children of The Void (Album Review)


The madness! The madness! Oh, how I adore it. The world is aflame, and hordes of undead Vikings are looting the local mall. It’s Armageddon and WW3 made Metal.

This is Karkaos, with their latest offering to the gods of chaos and madness “Children of The Void“.

The songs on this 12 track album are pretty much as savage as you’d expect them to be. They kick, scream and flail out in all directions. It’s rather threatening, and more than a little arousing.

  • Babel
  • Skymaster
  • Kolossos
  • Let The Curtain Fall
  • Pale
  • Children Of The Void
  • Rêverie
  • Tyrants
  • Where Mushrooms Grow
  • Lightbearer
  • The Beast
  • Bound By Stars

Each and every song on this album is an assault on all the senses; and an attack on your physical being on numerous levels. Songs such as ‘Children Of The Void‘ and ‘The Beast‘ kill and revitalise you in equal measures. It’s pretty Goth damned brutal!

Bottom line, “Children of The Void” is an audio assault with which to raise dead relatives, and to begin a war at your next family picnic. It’s bloody awesome!

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