Kenny Dubman: Reckless Abandon


I cross the threshold of a dusty desert saloon -the taste of whiskey already coating my cracked lips. I walk across the creaking floor boards, my stetson hiding my rough features from any of my would-be enemies. My colt revolver is at the ready -just in case some ne’er-do-well wishes to meet their maker. I order a drink from the sweating barman; a room full of glaring peasants watch me kill it in a single gulp. I turn towards them only to have the world around me shatter into a million pieces as the gentle country music that created this scenario disappears into the void and is replaced by an assault of glorious hard-rock.

This is “Reckless Abandon” by Kenny Dubman.

The songs on this, 11 track, album are the epitome of the American hard-rock scene. There is a Southern vibe fussed with a Northern charm that is both dominant and submissive. There is no sense of ackamarackus nor bombastic nationalism here. This is simply good music made with a passion. Songs such as “Devil’s Brew” and “Brother-Against-Brother” are entertaining and enjoyable -no matter your preferred music taste. It’s wonderful.

Bottom-line, if you like something that is a little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll, then this album is a must for you!

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