Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Video Game)

Now a lot of people get their trousers moist the moment they hear that a new Fantasy game is coming out. There is something so endearing about wielding swords, firing arrows, and riding dragons. (Skyrim and co have entertained us for years. -Ed) But now something interesting has happened: someone has removed the fantasy element and given us a gloriously realistic Medieval RPG.

This is Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

The game has been produced by Warhorse Studios, and is their first official game -and it looks a monster. The game is set in the Kingdom of Bohemia (Now part of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic) in 1403, where the player takes the role of a blacksmith’s son. The boy sees his parents killed, his homeland invaded, his people assaulted and his king disposed. He, naturally, takes an oath to avenge his family and save his people… and get his fathers sword back from the villain.

Now like many games these days, Kingdom Come: Deliverance takes place in a massive open-world environment where the player gets involved in quests, battles, adventures and other activities. Naturally, you can master new weapons, armours and tactics as you move towards your final goal.

FUN FACT: The locales, peoples and many of the historic aspects of the game are historically accurate. This gives the game a unique feeling when played.

This is definitely a game to watch out for. I think that it is going to be bloody fantastic.

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