Lamb of God Live in Johannesburg!



Last Saturday, 25th January, it was time for an event that many like-minded South African Metal Fans had been looking forward to for months, Lamb of God!
Despite supposed protests by various religious groups regarding the concert, on arriving at Nasrec, it was refreshing to see everyone ready and willing to have a good time! And no protesters.


The opening act was Mind Assault from Cape Town. I have no idea why I haven’t seen them before because these guys were absolutely amazing. They were the perfect opening act to get the crowd ready for what was coming!
Next up was The Drift. Though being relatively new comers as a band, it was soon no surprise that they tore the roof off. (I would have paid to see that. -Ed.) I particularly enjoyed the fact that they were giving away merchandise throughout their set; so if you didn’t know them before you did after.
LOG 1Third was who we had all been waiting for, Lamb of God!
Opening with “Desolation” the crowd went ballistic! For the first few songs with crowd pushing and shoving, moshing and chanting, I got lost in the moment. The awesomeness of seeing one of the best metal acts of our time was almost impossible to take in.
The awesomeness was so overwhelming that the front safety barrier started giving way, forcing the band to stop their set until the barrier was fixed and everyone was safe. Lamb of God are not only an amazing band but they put their fans safety first!
Perhaps most touching for me when they dedicated “Now you’ve got something to die for” to Nelson Mandela, saying “Rest in Peace Tata,” before ripping into the song.

WRATH. (2009)

All in all it was an unbelievable night that end perfectly when they played my personal favourite “Redneck!”


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