Lane Change: Rise (EP) (Album Review)


There is something about American rock music that simultaneously excites and intrigues in equal amounts. Perhaps it’s the no holes barred attitude of the young rebellious Americans that hold nothing back and give it their all to create something fun, exciting and thoroughly entertaining. Perhaps it’s simply the passion that youth can unleash upon a world that demands conformity and mindless obedience. Perhaps it’s all this and more?

All I know is that this is the fervid band Lane Change with the wonderfully potent “Rise” (EP).

Now this album might only be an EP, but it’s packed with the kind of backside kicking music that runs riot around the neightbourhood, raises the dead to join in chorus, and sends bland and boring people running up hills in terror. Like a lion. (As I am writing this in Africa, I can tell you all, I’ve seen a lion chase someone up a hill. It’s an impressive and terrifying sight. It’s also quite funny. Maybe I’m just a sadist. Yes, I am.)

  • The Rich Get Richer
  • Club 27
  • Floodwater
  • We Won’t Back Down

Now the songs on this album are wonderfully entertaining and incredibly enjoyable to listen to. In fact, after hearing the first few moments of each track I found myself singing along and tapping my foot enthusiastically to each kick, snap and snare. In my not so humble opinion I find this sort of the music to be the epitome of Rock n’ Roll. It’s fun and entertaining. It’s easy on the ears of any music fan, and it’s packed with enough muscle to turn any small social gathering into a frenzied¬†czardas of wondrous proportion.

Bottom line, “Rise” is a brilliant little EP that is packed with a number of good songs that whet the appetite and make you yearn for the full length album.

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