Does “The Last Jedi” hint at Rey going Grey ?

I love theorising, especially fan theories about canons I love. Usually, though, I need to be shown them before I notice all those weird little coincidences. This time, however, I actually noticed something myself. And straight away at that. Now I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I tell you I was rather pleased with myself. My marvellous revelation came while watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi a few weeks ago. I believe there is, or was, the intention for Rey to be a Grey Jedi.

FYI, Some spoilers for Last Jedi Ahead!

Now the less nerdy of you, not that well versed with the Star Wars Extended Universe might be asking “what is a Grey Jedi?” Over the years the definition has been somewhat fluid, though 2 main ideas have been recognised. One idea is a Grey Jedi is a Force user skilled in both the Light and Dark sides of the force, without pledging to either but rather in finding the balance between them. The other common definition is a Grey is any Force user not using the Dark side of the force that remains independent from the Jedi Council. As at the point we are in the films, we haven’t had a Jedi Council for at least 2 generations I’m going to go with the former for this article.

So why do I think Rey is a Grey Jedi? Firstly let’s think back to the original┬ásaga, IE Luke’s arc. In Episode V Luke and Obi-Wan are wearing White, while Vader, and later Palpatine, wear black. This symbolises the Light and Dark sides they adhere to respectively. Episodes VI and VII Luke is wearing black, to represent his being tempted to the Dark Side. At the end of Return of the Jedi it shows he had white on under the black, thus he was still pure at heart.┬áThe prequel trilogy did similar with Anakin changing him from white to black as Palpatine corrupted him.

Star Wars ReyThis sets us a precedent that clothing holds Significant importance in the Star Wars canon. If you pay attention throughout The Last Jedi, you can clearly see Rey is decked out in grey robes. This is itself the thing that ticked me off and got me digging deeper. Next thing I came across is while Luke trains Rey, she tells him what she sees. She says “light, dark, and balance”. In Fact throughout her time on Arch-To Ray seems to be drawn to the Dark Side. Yet never seeming to be tainted by it.

Adding to this is Luke saying “It’s time for the Jedi to end” As well as his and Yoda’s calm detachment from the previously sacred Whills. Both of these lead us to believe that the formal ideologies of pure Light and Pure Dark are going to fall away.

Now all of this is simply speculation and fan theory, the film never explicitly states anything. But I’m curious to see if they are setting it up for Reg to go Grey in the next film.

What do you think?

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