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Anyone who knows me, will know I am always looking to improve my knowledge. I feel if we are no longer learning, then we no longer have purpose and are mealy wasting our existence. With this in mind one can understand why I was excited when someone put me in contact with Learnfast.

Learnfast is a country wide institution that offers training in a variety of subjects relating to Computer Skills, Graphic Design, Business Skills, Accounting, and CAD. As an IT Manager who did my training back when the internet was in it’s infancy, I decided to take their HTML course to fill in some of the gaps in my IT knowledge.

“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” – Albert Einstein.

The staff I communicated with when arranging my studies were both friendly and helpful. Rather than simply send me a list of courses with dates they were happy to discuss with me and together we planned for the most suitable schedule for myself. They have been running since 2010, and have a number of centres across South Africa: Centurion, Sandton, Boksburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

I booked for my course in Centurion, as it was easy to access via the Gautrain and had more suitable dates to me than Sandton, (also within reach of the train.) The building they are situated in was slightly tricky to find for someone new to the area, but I still managed to find it quite quickly without excessive hassle. Once I had arrived the staff were all extremely helpful getting me signed in and showing me to the kitchen area, where I had some tea and waited for the course start time.


The tutor was a pleasure to deal with, and was not only knowledgeable about their subject, but was able to convey that information in a manner that was easy to understand and engaging. Although there were some minor technical difficulties at the start of the training, these were quickly resolved without any disruption to the class. Being a full day course, there was lunch provided. The day I was there the dish was a very tasty chicken pasta dish. Special meals are available if required. In addition to the lunch break there were also two tea breaks, keeping our concentration fresh.

At the end of the training I received my certificate and a copy of the course notes, for later review. The tutor ensured I had understood the course and happily welcomed any follow up queries from me. Overall I am extremely happy with the experience. I would happily recommend Learnfast to anyone seeking any further studies and I would gladly do further study through them in the future.

Should you be interested or want further information check out www.learnfast.co.za or email them on info@learnfast.co.za.

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