Linkin Park – The Hunting Party.


“Keys to the Kingdom.”

Wednesday evening, 4th June, saw the South African early-preview launch of Linkin Park’s much anticipated 6th studio album, “The Hunting Party.”

“The Summoning.”

The launch was held at Lasermaxx at Stoneridge Shopping Centre, with the thought process being that since the name of the album is “The Hunting Party” what better way to introduce the album than by having a hunting party, which led to us hunting each other down with laser guns. (Shooting each other is how we solve company disputes. -Ed.)

After the last two studio albums, I was not sure what to expect, as A Thousand Suns and Living Things were extremely “poppy”, but I was pleasantly surprised, as we got to listen to the album while hunting each other down and it set the tone.

While the band has described the album as the prequel to the Hybrid Theory, it is defiantly harder, with a bit of a punk rock feel to it. The album will be available from the 17June, and I cannot wait to give it a proper listen.

“A Line in the Sand.” 

A big thank you to Warner Music SA for including us in on the launch and to David Devo Oosthuizen for the pictures.

“Mark the Graves.” 

Warner_Linkin_Park_Launch_002_David_Devo_Oosthuizen_Devographic (1024x723)

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