Lung Flower: Effigy


There is nothing like starting the morning in a moshpit. Well, okay, it’s not a moshpit, it’s the queue for the coffee shop; but within 5 minutes of this album kicking to life on my iFruit phone (+10 points if you know where that’s from -Ed), there was a moshpit -or at the least it was a coffee spill and some serious headbanging. It was Metal.

This is the chaotic Lung Flower, with their latest offering to the gods, “Effigy“.

The songs on this, 7 track, album are driven and aggressive. Songs like ‘Ascend‘ and ‘Everything‘ are powerful moshpit starters. It’s viking raiders sacking shopping malls in every direction. It’s epic!

Overall, “Effigy” is a wonderful album full of Metal insanity.

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