Machinista: Arizona Lights and Xenoglossy


Sweden has been known for producing some of the best Electro-Pop of the past two decades and I’m glad to say that after listening to Machinista‘s latest offerings, Arizona Lights (EP) and Xenoglossy (LP), that this is not likely to change anytime soon.

Arizona Lights (sample above) is a fantastic 10 track EP filled with hard dance-floor filling remixes, hints of the full-length album and an incredibly emotional acoustic version of “Pushing the angels astray”. The latter hits home every time it’s played.

Daniel Roos

“The inspiration really came to starters with the interest in UFOs and the phenomenon surrounding that. And a certain event that took place in Phoenix, Arizona. Other than that the song is playing with existentialist questions.” -John.

Xenoglossy (sample above) takes what Arizona Lights hinted at and then takes it to the next level with fast-paced drumbeats, mysteriously haunting synths and esoteric, yet bouncy 80’s inspired lyrics. Lyrics that would make the most anal Goth head-bop along in a happy demented silence.
One of the greatest moments on this album is the magnificent cover of David Bowie’s (If you don’t know who he is, then I weep for you.-Ed.), fantastic hit, Heroes, which would have fallen flat if it had been done by a lesser band, but, instead Machinista manages to raise the original to new heights, all the while giving their fans something truly moving and majestic to sing along with.

All-in-all, these two offerings from Machinista are amazing and well worth the listen… and they are not just for hardcore underground Electro fans, but for fans of something more. Something good and joyous. Something for fans of passionate music.

“If you like our music, make sure to buy the CD, like our Facebook for the latest news! We promise you a good ride!” – Richard.

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