Mafia 3

Some of you know that I am a fan of organised crime games. I still cannot place my finger on exactly why I enjoy them, I simply do. Perhaps it has something to do with the suits? Maybe it has something to do with the cars? Perhaps it’s the notion that men of honour have access to a plethora of gorgeous ladies? Perhaps it’s my deep desire to make my enemies “‘an offer they can’t refuse”? On the other hand it could be my deep desire to embrace the  Machiavellian mindset when dealing with life’s little obstacles. Or maybe, just maybe, it lets me live the Italian-American dream? Who knows???

Regardless, I love the Mafia games. So you can imagine the explosive joy that was unleashed when I heard they (2K) are making a third game in the series. I have such hopes and dreams for the new game, and I hope they do not let us down like they did with previous titles. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the graphics, the story, the characters, and the overall style of both the games; but -and this is a big but- they let me down on so many levels. (I could spend a few hours giving you details. But I am not going to bother.)

Instead here’s my little wish list.

  • Non linear game play. This was always my biggest issue with Mafia: big open city, lots to see, nothing to do but go from A to B.
  • Side quests. I’d love to have more to do than the main campaign. And no! Collecting cars is not a side quest.
  • A costume change. I like having a diverse wardrobe.
  • Upgrades. They are common these days and lots of people love them.
  • Skills and perks. Once again, they are a common staple of most games. Now this does not mean I want superpowers, but the ability to shoot faster, fight harder, drive with some style. These would be good.
  • A gang, or perhaps a squad. This is one of the reasons I adore Godfather 2. So many minions to unleash upon the innocent.
  • Don skills. I’d love to rule the crime world.
  • Takeovers. Granted it’s more a Godfather thing, but I enjoyed burning, looting and enforcing.

And there you have it. With any luck my hopes and dreams shall be fulfilled; but only time will tell.


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