The Man In The High Castle (Review)


The universe is full of “what if” moments. It is part of the cornerstone of human nature to guess, assume and visualise what could have, would have, and will possibly happen. It’s in our very DNA. We like to assume, and we like to see alternative ways in which things can play out. So it should come as no surprise that someone wrote a book, and someone made a TV series based around the idea that the NAZI’s and the Empire of Japan won WW2.

This is the amazing book and TV show “The Man In The High Castle”.

Right, so we’ll start with a little background for this show. “The Man In The High Castle” was the brainchild of the genius Philip K. Dick. Dick, for those that do not know, was one of the greatest Science-Fiction writers of all time. His work has inspired members of the scientific and technology industry for years; it has also inspired numerous films and TV series, as well as other creative peoples and projects. Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?), Minority Report, Total Recall (We Can Remember It For You Wholesale), Screamers (Second Variety), A Scanner Darkly, and numerous other films and series came forth from this man’s brilliant mind.

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Philip K. Dick (16 December, 1928 – 2 March, 1982).

Right, so the TV series is obviously different to the book in a number of ways; but we’re not going to look into them. Instead I shall say this: Read the book. It’s bloody brilliant.

Now as for the TV series I’ll tell you the following: The show takes place some twenty odd years after WW2. The Allies have been utterly defeated, Hitler rules Europe, Africa, most of South America and 2/3 of North America. The Japanese Empire rules over Asia, Australia, and a goodly chunk of the Americas. Obviously not everything is running smoothly in this new Aryan run world.

Enter “The Man In The High Castle”…

Now, the so called “The Man In The High Castle” is a mysterious figure who has released a number of unique films that show alternate history to Hitler’s world conquest. Some of these films show the nuclear destruction of the world, others show the end of certain cities, some show a war between East and West; but most of them show alternate versions/endings of a number of main characters of the show.

Naturally, both East and West become obsessed with these films and soon the Reich and the Empire start sending troops all over the place to find these films. Obviously, various groups of resistance also join in the chase for these films in order to overthrow their new masters.

Now I could go on for hours explaining why the series is amazing; how much I love the characters; how I adore the fact that both Dick and the shows creators used the I-Ching to create this great work. But instead, let me end my review with this: “The Man In The High Castle” is one of the greatest Science-Fiction books ever written; and it is one of the best TV series ever made. It is a must watch for, not only Science-Fiction fans, but for fans of any and all forms of great Drama, Suspense and Thrillers.

And do watch the video below. It’s a good layout of the book.

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