Melting Technologies

So what’s the history of Melting Technologies?

Melting Technologies was first established in 2011 when I recognized a gap in the market whilst purchasing laptops for personal use, online. I focused solely on students and on the lower end of the market, selling world class demo PCs at really great rates. Melting Technologies was a part time project as I still worked as a Sales Manager for a packaging company – full time. Eventually the work load got too heavy on both ends and I decided to commit to my full time job. 3 years later, I decided to dedicate myself to the dream I built and focus on Melting Technologies 100%. I relaunched on the 2nd of March 2015.

How long have you been around?

Established in 2011, fully operational for 2 years. Relaunched 02.03.2015.


What makes your brand unique?

Our aim is to provide quality IT solutions to the public- as well as access to world class technology at reasonable rates… complemented with after sales service that will NEVER fade away.

We at Melting Technologies strive to supply and advise our clients on the right IT solutions; offering the perfect product, at a reasonable price. We aim to be the Information Technology provider of choice and strive for consistently high levels of personal service excellence and client satisfaction – not only by price, but much more so, by offering solid advice!!!

How does Melting Technologies differ from other computer sales businesses?

I offer personal service and advice… aiming to build a relationship with each and every client I deal with. Having been in Sales for almost 10 years now, I understand how vital communication, honesty and delivery is. I would personally rather pay more for a product with excellent after sale service than less for a product not backed up by the supplier. My client base has been built via the service that I provide and not by the price of a product. Many of my clients knowingly pay a small percentage more, confident that it is well worth it.

Do you use any specialist items for sale?

I keep a close eye on new deals through various suppliers daily. My customers tell me in advance what they are looking for and when the items come up – I immediately research market prices and inform accordingly.


So what sort of pricing range would the average person be looking at?

Due to our vast range – products can vary from R 50.00 – R 50 000.00

Where do you see Melting Technologies in five years?

With a small, manageable and loyal customer base. Marketed through referral and word of mouth. To make a sustainable income by doing what I love.

Thank you for your time and interest in my company. 

Be Blessed!

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