2018 !!! Merry Happy New Year and Stuff !


And just like that another year comes to a close. What doth 2018 have in store ?

Now 2016 was pretty much hated by most, I recall the universal worldwide sigh of relief as it ticked to a close. Even I was glad to see the back of most of it. But then 2017… oh boy 2017. This year was just constant WTF. I’m half surprised the planet even survived half the crap thrown at it.

Even here at the 925 camp things have been quite the bit busy this year. Our beloved overlord Shadow set off to go adventuring around the world. I (Wookiee) took over as primary owner and senior partner. And our Youtube channel (RebellionBoys) is about to go through an overhaul / upgrade. With us having limited writing staff currently (and me not being an article machine like our glorious Shadow) I’ll probably stick to 2 article a week, barring maybe extra ones for special occasions. Most likely Tuesday and Friday, but I’ll see how it goes and adapt to what would work best.

The RebellionBoys channel will be on a Semi Hiatus while I get the new recording set up and ready to go. Luckily Shadow and I were able to mass record before he left, so there will still be intermittent videos for now. Hope to be back to regular programming by end of February..ish. Want to bring a few new ideas into the channel over this year as well. Our first season of the PodBoys is almost finished. The last few episodes will go up soon (If they haven’t already). 2018 will see the start of season 2, with two shorter episodes per month.

Sometime in 2018 should see the release of the 925 film project that we’ve been secretly working on. I’ll not let slip too much just yet. Got to keep all mysterious and suspenseful you know. But I will say it’s currently in editing.

I’ve waffled enough now. Happy New Year Everybody ! Hope your 2018 is in fact a fantabulous one !!

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