Metal Pangolin’s Comic Book Movie Forecast

Episode 1: The Age of the Pangolin’s Return Rises

So, that Deadpool movie right? Right? Well the year has just started and you are all in luck as there’s a whole bunch of movies that have a comic book influence coming out this year. We’ll have Dark knights, men of steel, armoured avengers… why waste your time further. Here’s the next few movies you can look forward to in a few months

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

We find ourselves in the “Gladiator match of the century” where the Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman, is pitted against “Krypton’s last son”, Superman, who is now called Superman instead of “Super…..” unlike in the “Man of Steel” where his superhero alias wasn’t mentioned. Let us hope he doesn’t snap anyone’s neck this time around, although he does threaten Batman in one of the trailers so “Hold onto your Bats.” The cast includes Israeli actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. This however won’t be the first live action iteration of Wonder woman as she had previously been played by Linda Carter in a T.V series. It seems more than likely that this will finally be the launching platform that WB has been looking for to start their own cinematic universe (referred to as the DC expended universe or DCEU) on the big screen.

WB intends to release Wonder woman in her own movie next year followed by “Justice League part 1” which will be directed by Zack Snyder once again. As for the other members of the Justice league, well it isn’t subtitled “Dawn of Justice” for nothing. A few other Justice league members are rumoured to make appearances in the movie. The only member thus far confirmed is Aquaman, who will splash around on the ground helplessly thanks to the concerted acting prowess of by Jason Momoa (Game of thrones, Stargate atlantis).

Captain America: Civil War

The sentinel of Liberty versus the armoured avenger. They are fighting over … Caps affection for his WW2 sidekick??? Wait, that’s not the comic book Civil War plotline. Well, Marvel’s “Civil War” was a massive crossover event that spanned almost all the Marvel titles from Fantastic four to Ghost rider and every title in between. All the heroes were affected as they had to pick sides over whether they wanted to register with the government and have their identities known to authorities or maintain their secret ID’s. Cap was against registration and Iron man was for registration, and so began the civil war to end all civil wars. The only heroes who were not on earth at the time were Hulk and Thor. With hulk having been betrayed by his team mates and sent to another planet (….long story) .At the same time, Thor had died during Ragnarok – the Asgardian apocalypse. Anyway, the movie seems to take the general theme of the comic but adds the Winter soldier to the plot and this is what seems to be the catalyst for the civil war. They seem to be streamlining the line up as well which makes sense, since Marvel Studios doesn’t have the movie rights to the X-men or the Fantastic four who were integral parts of Civil war. In any case, I think this will actually make for a less cluttered movie as it will give the characters more time to develop. New characters like Black Panther who will be introduced will need to be developed before they can slug it out against opposing and already established Avengers. Also, since Sony and Marvel made a deal, Spider-man can be in Marvel studios movies and as such, he’ll be in this one. Let’s hope Uncle Ben isn’t one of the casualties of the Civil War. With his propensity for dying in every movie and all. In any event, I’m sure that there will be quips flying around just as much as punches will be thrown, this being a Marvel studios movie. I just hope that they stick to the tone set in Captain America The Winter Soldier instead of making it a light hearted affair which is what this movie doesn’t need

X-men: Apocalypse

Late last year, the internet exploded with nerd rage as the first set pictures from the new entry to 20th century fox’s X-men franchise hit and they seemed to show Apocalypse, this movies main baddie, spotting a look reminiscent of the villain from the Power Rangers movie, Ivan ooze. Fast forward a few months and it seems as though that oversight has been rectified and may have either been the result of bad lighting when that specific picture was taken or the studio caved in to fan reactions to the look of one of the X-men’s arch nemesis and decided to change his look to suit his comic book persona. Apocalypse will be played by Oscar Isaacs whom we last saw as Poe Dameron in “Star wars episode VII”. In the comics, this x-men villain, said to be the first mutant, was born 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt and deserted by his tribe for his peculiar appearance. It was at this point that he found an alien craft that would serve as his base of operations and the source of some of his abilities. Anyway, I’m not sure whether the movie will stick with this interpretation of the character. They are also introducing some fan favourite mutants and bringing a few back as well. Psylocke, along with Archangel, a younger version of Storm and Magneto will serve as the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse – I’m curious to see where they take the x-men franchise after X-men Days of future past altered the timeline. The result of this was that that the first 3 X-men movies and Wolverine spinoff movies never happened. The other returning characters are Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, a younger Jean grey and Cyclops. It seems like Professor X will finally lose his hair in this one which is what everyone has been clamouring for, right? Right?





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